Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Food Quiz, You Must Be Thai

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Test your knowledge of what it means to be from a true Thai family with these Thai dishes!

Pad thai, spring rolls, and Thai iced tea could be the perfect meal. See how much you know about Thai cuisine by taking this quiz!

 May 14, 2017
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Which soup is usually made with shrimp?
Gang Keow Wan
Gang Sum Pak Ruam
Tom Yum Gung
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The common dish _______________ is made with stir fried noodles.
Gang Jued
Pad Thai
Gai Pad Pongali
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Very similar to Ramen, _______________ is made with broth and noodles.
Kai Jiew Moo Saap
Kao Na Phet
Noodle Soup
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In English the dish _______________ means 'green papaya salad.'
Moo Dad Diew
Kao Niew Moo Yang
Som Tam
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Which dish is comprised of stir fried chicken and cashew nuts?
Gai Yang
Yam Khor Moo Yang
Gai Med Mad Moung
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___________________ is a delicious green curry with chicken.
Kao Mok Gai
Geng Kheaw Wan Gai
Kao Ka Moo
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_____________, or fried rice, is usually made with some kind of meat.
Kao Moo Dang
Kao Phad
Kao Man Gai
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The name for which of these curries is from Muslim origins?
Nam Tok Moo
Larb Moo
Massaman Curry
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Crispy, fried _______________ are served with a sweet and sour sauce.
Pad Ga Pow Moo Kai Dow
spring rolls
Plah Kah Pung Neung Manow
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Which dessert is made with banana and drenched in vanilla sauce?
Banana Pancakes
Plah Plow
Gang Som Plah Chon
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Strong brewed tea and evaporated milk are combined to make _______________ .
Thai ice tea
Gai Pad King
Yam Plah Duk Foo
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____________ is a red curry pasta.
Nam Prik Kaphi
Pad Pak Bung Nam Man Hoy
Panang Gai
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What is vegetables and meats cooked in a pork broth called?
Guay Teow Rhua
Guay Teow Nuaa
Jim Jum
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An egg cracked into rice noodles and vegetables makes _____________ .
Cha Yen
Pad See Eiu
Guay Jab
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The noodles in this dish are made with fermented rice.
Guay Teow Lui Suan
Kanom Jeen
Kao Niew Ma Muang
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