Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions All Montana Locals Should Know?

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"If you have worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you might live in Montana."

There's a lot more to Montana than just wide open spaces. See how much you know about Montana by taking this quiz!

 Jun 24, 2017
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Montana is home to ________________ , the first national park in the world.
Central Park
Yellowstone National Park
Park City
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Which precious stone is only found in Montana and Sri Lanka?
Yogo Sapphires
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The largest population of ______________ are find in this state.
grizzly bears
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At which Montana only chain can you get an awesome sandwich?
The Pickle Barrel
Boston Market
Cracker Barrel
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______________________ is from Great Falls, Montana and is the band leader on the Late Late Show with James Corden.
Aaron Paul
Reggie Watts
Hannibal Buress
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Montana's _____________ is the shortest river in the world.
Roe River
Susquehanna River
Potomac River
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___________________ are everyone's favorite berries in Montana.
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Every local has had an __________ burger at Slippery Otter Pub.
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Which famous actress is originally from Montana?
Emma Watson
Michelle Williams
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Montana has rich deposits of gold, silver, and other metals, which is why it's called the ____________________ .
Sunshine State
Old Line State
Treasure State
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The biggest ________________ ever measured fell to Montana during a snowstorm.
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If you're a real local you've probably gone _____________ hunting at least once.
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If you're in Montana make sure to drink a ______________________ beer.
Moose Drool
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