Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions All Massachusetts Locals Should Know?

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"Pahk the cah in the Hahvahd yahd."

Massachusetts has more to it than just Salem and cold weather. Test your knowledge of life in Massachusetts by taking this quiz!

 Jul 24, 2017
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What do most people call a water fountain?
A Hose
A Manger
A Bubbler
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People use the word _____________ in front of adjectives like "awesome" or "cool."
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"Dunks" (the best coffee place ever!!) is the abbreviated name for what chain?
Dunkin' Donuts
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People from Massachusetts tend to drop their ____ when speaking.
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You call making a U-turn _____________ .
"banging a u-ey"
"biting the dust"
"hitting the hay"
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_____________ from anywhere else just isn't as good.
Chinese food
Mexican food
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In baseball, you're cheering for the ______________ .
Red Sox
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Every building has some sort of _______________ importance.
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____________ is known nationwide for its witch trials in the 1600s.
Los Angeles
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You refer to Cape Cod and just _____________ .
"the mount"
"the strip"
"the Cod"
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The _______________ was finally lifted from the Red Sox in 2004 when they won the World Series.
Curse of the Bambino
Curse of the Mummy
Yelnats Family Curse
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Sprinkles are rainbow colored and ____________ are chocolate.
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The word ___________ is used to refer to all kinds of soda.
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