13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To Temple University


​Fight fight fight for the cherry and the white!

Located in the heart of North Philly, Temple University is not for the meek. The house parties, the public transportation, the squirrels. It's a lot to take in. Temple kids are known for being Temple Tuff and TU proud. And there are some things that every TU kid just knows to be true.

1. You got lost deep inside SEPTA as a Freshman


SEPTA is obviously how everyone gets around in Philly, but as a little baby Freshman you got super lost the first time you tried to use it. You probably ended up all the way at Fern Rock and couldn't figure out how to get back. But that's okay, it's all part of the Temple experience. By senior year you'll have mastered falling asleep on SEPTA and waking up right before your stop.

2. You called Howard Gittis Student Center "The SAC"


You've had many a wrap made for you by the nice ladies in the Student Center. You've also seen movies for $1 in the basement. And even though the school tried to insist students stop calling it the SAC, you never did. Howard Gittis Student Center is just too long when you're telling people where to meet you on campus. The SAC has a nice easy ring to it.

3. You cringe when Bill Cosby is brought up.


He used to be Temple's hero but obviously he's not anymore. Don't worry, you still have Hall & Oates and Kunal Nayyar.

4. You've survived many all nighters at the TECH Center


You always tell yourself you won't wait until the last minute to due that assignment, but now it's due tomorrow and you haven't even started! Luckily, the TECH Center is open all night. You've battled other students for the best computers and seen people break down in tears around 3AM. Thankfully there's a Starbucks to keep you going.

5. You've had 4th meal at the dining hall in J&H


Ah 4th meal, the last and most important meal of the day. You know you can head to J&H around 10pm for a meal of fries and chicken strips. If you go at just the right time, you'll see the entire football team pounding corn dogs. If you don't have a big meal plan, you carefully calculate how to spread your meals out so you can go to 4th meal with your friends. You can tell who lives in J&H and came down for a late night snack because they're barely conscious/wearing pajamas.

6. You've sunbathed on Beury Beach


When people say "the Beach" you know they mean the grassy lawn across from Paley Library. You've taken naps on the grass between classes and had lunch there with your friends. You've even brought a blanket to chill on when you're feeling extra classy. It's the perfect summer getaway right in the middle of campus. Just watch out for runaway frisbees.

7. You've been to grimy parties on Park Ave


The side of campus past the Tyler School of Art can be a little sketchy, but you go there to party anyway. If someone suggests a party on Park Ave, you go fully aware that you might not come back. You've destroyed your shoes in the nasty basements of the houses on this street. You've taken shots while wondering, "Who actually lives here?" You know that you'll have a good time as long as your friends are with you.

8. You're afraid of the squirrels


For some reason the squirrels on Temple's campus are particularly terrifying. They're not afraid to come up to you and snatch food right out of your hands. You can throw a full water bottle at them and they won't even flinch! Maybe that North Philly attitude has found its way into everything, including the squirrels. If you hear something rattling inside a trashcan, run.

9. You went to basketball games (even if you don't like sports)


Temple's basketball team is legendary for bringing students together. Even if you don't like sports you can't deny that Temple basketball games are a good time. The food, the pep band's music, the tall cute players looking good in their uniforms, Temple basketball games are the perfect social event. And with the cheap season passes available, students never have to miss a game. If it's game day at TU, you gotta be there.

10. You know the best food trucks are next to the art school


Even if you don't go to Tyler School of art, you constantly find yourself on that side of campus solely for the food trucks. The Creperie, fondly known as "the crepe truck" is incredible and you eat there at least once a week. You'll go way out of your way for it and the other trucks next to it, like Richie's Lunchbox and Burger Tank. If you have some extra time you'll eat your crepe while you watch art students make sculptures out of yarn and their own tears.

11. You've lived off campus since sophomore year


While at most colleges students will live in the dorms all four years, you moved off campus after freshman year and never looked back. You got a house with your friends on Berks or Diamond and throw killer parties. Moving off campus and integrating yourself into the North Philly community was the most frugal and fun thing you could do. Plus you know there's a good block party on your street like every month.

12. TU Alerts didn't phase you one bit (and you still get them)


When your phone and the phones of everyone around you go off at the same time, you know it's a TU alert. These alerts used to notify students of possible dangerous occurrences nearby don't scare you at all. In fact, you've come to see it as a novelty of living in North Philly. And even after you graduate, you'll still get those alerts and smile fondly at the memories.

13. You're proud to be #TempleMade


Your wardrobe is largely cherry and white. You happily scream "T for Temple U!" when singing the fight song. You identify as Temple Tuff and want everyone to know it. And you really, truly, are proud of the university you attend. Temple has a reputation for creating resilient, self reliant, and capable students, and you're no different. You're thrilled to be #TempleMade

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