Quiz: Which Grey’s Lady Is Your Person?


Meredith or Cristina? Arizona or April? Find out here!

Find out which Grey's Anatomy lady is your person based personality traits, favorites, and other arbitrary questions!

 Apr 06, 2017
1 of 10Choose your answer!
What surgical specialty would you choose?
2 of 10Choose your answer!
Pick a color.
3 of 10Choose your answer!
How would your friends describe you?
4 of 10Choose your answer!
You need to hide a body. Who do you call?
My best friend
My significant other
No one
My mom
5 of 10Choose your answer!
Would you choose true love over your career?
Depends on the situation
Absolutely not
I'll figure out a way to have both
6 of 10Choose your answer!
What quality do you value most in your significant other?
Physical attraction
Sense of humor
7 of 10Choose your answer!
Where would you and your person hang out?
Joe's Bar
My apartment/house
Gray Sloan Memorial
8 of 10Choose your answer!
Pick a Grey's guy to pine over.
Ben Warren
Mark Sloan
Derek Shepherd
Jackson Avery
9 of 10Choose your answer!
How far away are you willing to live from your person?
We can do any distance
Under 1,000 miles
We need to live together
Under 25 miles
10 of 10Choose your answer!
Your person needs a kidney. What do you do?
Offer your support, but not your kidney
Offer your kidney
Hunt down a match on your own
Call her relatives
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