Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Kids Of Grey's?

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They're the next generation at Grey Sloan Memorial

Quiz about the kids of Grey's Anatomy, with questions about all the kids including Zola, Bailey, Sofia, and Samuel.

 Feb 13, 2017

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In what season do Derek and Meredith get custody of Zola?
Season 8
Season 3
Season 12

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What is the full name of Miranda's son?
William "Tucker" George Bailey Jones
Tucker Bailey Jones
Tucker Alexander Jones

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What are the names of Derek and Meredith's children?
Ellis, Thatcher, and Zola
Zola, Bailey, and Ellis
George, Zola, and Miranda

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Who is the father of Callie's daughter, Sofia?
George O'Malley
Mark Sloan
Jackson Avery

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What caused Sofia to be born early at 23 weeks?
Callie went into labor after the plane crash
Callie was in a car accident
Callie went into pre-term labor

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Who is Meredith and Derek's son named after?
Derek and Miranda
Alex and George
Derek and Thatcher

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Jackson and April's son was born at 24 weeks with ___ .
Multiple sclerosis
Type II osteogenesis imperfecta
Cystic fibrosis

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Which child do we meet first on the show?

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Meredith and Derek's son was born during ___ .
A hospital fire
An earthquake
A super storm

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Who is the father of Miranda's son?
Richard Webber
Tucker Jones
Ben Warren
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