Quiz: How Much Medical Knowledge Have You Actually Learned From Grey's?

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Test your medical knowledge learned from Grey's Anatomy with questions about medical practices and procedures.

 May 09, 2017

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What is the difference between a 10-blade and a scalpel?
They're the same thing
A 10-blade is the type of blade used on a scalpel
A scalpel is in the shape of a scalp rather than a blade

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Which surgical procedure is sometimes called an "Appy"

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What has happened at a hospital when a Code Blue is called?
There has been a child/infant abduction
Someone needs resuscitation
A fire has broken out

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What is the shorthand for a sonogram of the heart?

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An LVAD is a ventricular assist device implanted to assist what part of the heart?
Lymphatic vessels
Left ventricle
Right ventricle

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Define orthopedic surgery.
A surgical specialty concerned with conditions involving bones and muscle
A surgical specialty treating diseases affecting organs inside the thorax
A surgical specialty focused on treating the nervous system

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Sinus Rhythm is defined as having a pulse rate between ___ .
100-140 beats per minute
60-100 beats per minute
80-120 beats per minute

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What does a tracheotomy do?
Provides access to the abdominal organs
Aid the patient's breathing
Restarts the heart

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What does it mean when a tumor is benign?
It is located in the brain
It is non-cancerous
It is longer than 3 inches

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What does DNR stand for?
Do Not Resurrect
Do Not Resuscitate
Do Not Remove
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