Quiz: 100% On This Medical Test, You Could Work At Grey-Sloan Memorial


Find out if you have what it takes to be a doctor at Grey-Sloan Memorial.

Test your medical knowledge learned from Grey's Anatomy with questions about medical practices and procedures.

 Sep 04, 2018
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What is "Epi" short for?
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What does it mean when a doctor decides to intubate?
Reattaching the lungs after surgery
Stop the blood flow to the arms
Inserting a tube into a patients mouth to help breathing
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What is an aneurysm?
A blood-filled, balloon-like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel
A valve located near the heart
An inflamed appendix
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Cardiomyopathy affects what organ?
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What does it mean when a patient has a DNR?
Every measure should be taken to save this patient
Only attempt resuscitation if they've flatlined for 3 or more minutes
Resuscitation should not be attempted
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High blood pressure in the arteries is also known as ___.
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A patient whose identity is unknown is called ___.
Jane/John Doe
Patient X
Mary Sue
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What does it mean when a cancer has metastasized?
It has ruptured
It has stopped growing
It has spread to another area of the body
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What is the next title after being a medical intern?
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What is V-Fib?
Pulse rate is more than 100 bpm
A device used to replace the function of a heart
Uncontrolled muscle fibers in the lower heart
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