Thoughts From The Most Insane Episode Of Grey's Ever: Season 10 Episode 7

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Just to give you some idea of how this is going to go, the episode is titled "Thriller."

I'm currently smack dab in the middle of my latest Grey's marathon re-watch, so here are some thoughts I had while watching Season 10: Episode 7. Watch the episode along with me for the full experience!

Ugh, when are Leah and Arizona going to break up?

LOL at Stephanie's goggles from her Laser Eye Surgery.

Oh, Ben is back! I missed him!

Okay, here we go. First patient comes in with a "zombie" bite. I'm here for this.


You can always count on Halloween episodes to bring this kind of excitement.

Miranda Bailey is and always will be amazing.

And Owen and Cristina will always be adorable.

Okay, cute moment over. Lady comes in with a would on her leg that's been there for 4 months...the wound has bugs living in it.

She's also afraid of hospitals because of course.

Actually, that does explain the bugs. So Gross.

Another creepy-looking woman says she's waiting for her doctor who is Heather Brooks but Brooks is dead and it's things like that that really freak me out.

RIP Brooks.

Who picked the music for this episode? I approve.

Why does this little girl think it's a good idea to trick-or-treat in a dark hospital wing?

Aaand the creepy-Brooks-patient-lady is back. Fabulous.

Leg-wound-patient survived! Kudos to Dr. Torres!

And the zombie outbreak started because some guys took a bunch of drugs. C'est la vie.

Concluding thoughts: Honestly, if the zombie apocalypse were happening, I'd be okay with hiding out in Grey Sloan Memorial.

Also, no one died in this episode. I'm calling that a win.

Are you marathoning Grey's Anatomy again too? What episode are you currently watching Let us know in the comments below!

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