These Then And Now Photos Of the Original Grey's Anatomy Cast Are Shocking!


Our favorite doctors have done a lot of growing up in 13 seasons!

With the show currently in its 13th season, it certainly feels like Season 1 aired forever ago. Now feels like a good time to go back and see just how much our beloved doctors have changed over the years!

1. Ellen Pompeo | Meredith Grey

Then: Playing the emotionally-damaged-and-sleeping-with-her-boss Dr. Meredith Grey.

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Now: Still playing the emotionally-damaged-but-married-the-boss-she-was-sleeping-with Dr. Meredith Grey.

2. Patrick Dempsey | Derek Shepherd

Then: Living up to his peak McDreaminess and taking our breath away one episode at a time.

Now: Reprised his role as Jack in Bridget Jones's Baby in 2016. Now he's working on new show called Micronesian Blues and a few other rumored projects.

3. Chandra Wilson | Miranda Bailey

Then: Striking fear in the hearts of every intern, new and old, at Seattle Grace.

Now: Still calling the shots as Miranda Bailey, but now she's Chief of Surgery.

4. Justin Chambers | Alex Karev

Then: Playing the no good, bad boy Alex Karev who found humor in bullying others and being a jerk.


Now: He's still the bad boy Dr. Karev, but now he has a few more redeemable qualities.

5. James Pickens Jr. | Richard Webber

Then: Wonderfully portraying Dr. Webber, Chief of Surgery.

Now: He's still Richard Webber, but the role of Chief was passed to his star pupil, Dr. Bailey.

6. Katherine Heigl | Izzie Stevens

Then: Izzie Stevens aka Dr. Model aka Bethany Whisper. Also having over $8 million fall into her lap and surviving cancer.

Now: Katherine is currently working on a TV series called Doubt and a new thriller movie, Unforgettable.

7. T.R. Knight | George O'Malley

Then: Everyone's favorite, lovable 007 Seattle Grace surgical intern.

Now: Still living in Shondaland, but this time playing Tommy Vaughn on The Catch.

8. Sandra Oh | Cristina Yang

Then: Sandra Oh was great at portraying Yang's fierceness, her independence and her brilliance.

Now: Sandra Oh has been working on another ABC TV series, American Crime.

9. Isaiah Washington | Preston Burke

Then: Playing the genius cardiothoracic surgeon who left Yang at the alter (still a little bitter) and set off to do amazing things in Switzerland.

Now: His most recent projects include a TV series called The 100 and an action/horror film called Dead Trigger.

Which cast members do you think have changed the most since Grey's Anatomy's start in 2005?

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