These Then And Now Photos Of The Original Grey's Cast Are Shocking

Our favorite doctors have done a lot of growing up in 13 seasons!

The Cast of Grey's Anatomy Then and Now

Can you believe it's been over 12 years since we first met the cast of Grey's Anatomy? The cast has changed a lot over the years, and we've grown to love them - even doctor evil spawn. Check out this full list to see how much your favorite members of the cast of Grey's Anatomy have changed!

1. Ellen Pompeo | Meredith Grey

Then: Playing the emotionally-damaged-and-sleeping-with-her-boss Dr. Meredith Grey.

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Now: Still playing the emotionally-damaged-but-married-the-boss-she-was-sleeping-with Dr. Meredith Grey.

2. Patrick Dempsey | Derek Shepherd

Then: Living up to his peak McDreaminess and taking our breath away one episode at a time.

Now: Reprised his role as Jack in Bridget Jones's Baby in 2016. Now he's working on new show called Micronesian Blues and a few other rumored projects.

3. Chandra Wilson | Miranda Bailey

Then: Striking fear in the hearts of every intern, new and old, at Seattle Grace.

Now: Still calling the shots as Miranda Bailey, but now she's Chief of Surgery.

4. Justin Chambers | Alex Karev

Then: Playing the no good, bad boy Alex Karev who found humor in bullying others and being a jerk.


Now: He's still the bad boy Dr. Karev, but now he has a few more redeemable qualities.

5. James Pickens Jr. | Richard Webber

Then: Wonderfully portraying Dr. Webber, Chief of Surgery.

Now: He's still Richard Webber, but the role of Chief was passed to his star pupil, Dr. Bailey.

6. Katherine Heigl | Izzie Stevens

Then: Izzie Stevens aka Dr. Model aka Bethany Whisper. Also having over $8 million fall into her lap and surviving cancer.

Now: Katherine is currently working on a TV series called Doubt and a new thriller movie, Unforgettable.

7. T.R. Knight | George O'Malley

Then: Everyone's favorite, lovable 007 Seattle Grace surgical intern.

Now: Still living in Shondaland, but this time playing Tommy Vaughn on The Catch.

8. Sandra Oh | Cristina Yang

Then: Sandra Oh was great at portraying Yang's fierceness, her independence and her brilliance.

Now: Sandra Oh has been working on another ABC TV series, American Crime.

9. Isaiah Washington | Preston Burke

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Then: Playing the genius cardiothoracic surgeon who left Yang at the alter (still a little bitter) and set off to do amazing things in Switzerland.

Now: His most recent projects include a TV series called The 100 and an action/horror film called Dead Trigger.

Which cast members do you think have changed the most since Grey's Anatomy's start in 2005?

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