These 12 Grey’s Anatomy Fan Theories Will Blow Your Mind.

Where the drama is crazy and the fan theories are crazier!

Grey's Anatomy Fan Theories

We all have theories right? These Grey's Anatomy Fans have some pretty epic Grey's Anatomy Fan theories. Some of these Grey's Anatomy fan theories are completely insane. While others are just downright hilarious. As voted on by our community these are the best Grey's Anatomy fan theories.

We all have our ideas on what will happen next on Grey's Anatomy, and Shonda Rhimes is a master at keeping us on our toes. Luckily, we have the internet to go to when we want to share our crazy theories and ideas about the happening at Grey Sloan Memorial. So, here are 12 Grey's Anatomy fan theories that will blow your mind!

1. Penny Is From Parks and Recreation's Pawnee

Samantha Sloyan, the actress who plays Penelope Blake, was also in Parks and Recreation! We know that Penny and her mom moved every two years, so it's not that much of a stretch to say she lived in Indiana!

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2. Lexie Grey Never Existed

Has anyone else thought about the timeline of Lexie's existence? Like, have you actually done the math? Something doesn't add up. This theory is a little out there, but some fans believe that Lexie is just a figment of our imagination.

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3. Every Time Someone Marries, Someone Dies

"The fact is that every time someone gets married on the show, almost like clockwork, someone dies, and every time someone divorces, another one leaves. Some deaths on the show happen right away, and others are drawn out over a longer period."

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4. '13 Reasons Why' And 'Grey's Anatomy' Are Connected

These shows have two actors in common: Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) and Dylan Minnette (Ryan). Ryan was a patient at Seattle Grace and underwent ear surgery performed by Mark Sloan. This theory can be summed up in this fan's tweet:

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5. Derek's Death Was Foreshadowed In Season 1


In Season 1, Episode 2, the rape victim (the one that bit off her attacker's member) is in a coma. Derek is talking to Meredith and he says, "I have four sisters, if I were in a coma they'd all be here. I'd want them here." Could this have been an allusion to Derek's death? Or is it just a weird coincidence?

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6. Maggie Has Alzheimer's Disease

We know Maggie, like Meredith, has genetic markers of the neurodegenerative disease. We also know that Maggie has had some memory problems in forgetting Jo Wilson's name, so could she be developing early-onset Alzheimer's like her mother?

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7. Grey's Anatomy Takes Place In The Marvel Universe

One Grey's fans on Reddit wrote, "My theory is that this show takes place in a small corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have several reasons for this, some based on general thoughts about the series, some based on specific similarities, and some based on real-world connections between the show and the MCU."

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8. Meredith And Alex Are End Game

There are fans out there that believe Alex and Meredith are totally going to end up together. These two have been there for each other pretty much since day one, and Alex has said before that he'd like to settle down. We'll see if this theory develops as the show continues.

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9. Matthew Morrison Is Going To Play Jo's Husband

Back in March, TVLine reported that not only is Morrison joining Grey's as a new doctor (Dr. Stadler), but he's actually going to be playing Jo Wilson's estranged husband!

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10. Meredith Has Had Alzheimer's All Along

One crazy theory is that Meredith has Alzheimer's and that the other characters in the show represent emotions that she has forgotten how to feel. Examples include: Derek = love; Cristina = friendship; Izzie = compassion; Ellis = ambition. So, when the character attached to the specific emotion leaves the show or gets killed off, the emotion goes with it.

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11. Another "Meredith Has Alzheimer's" Theory

Like the previous theory, this theory speculates that the TV series will end with the revelation that Meredith had developed Alzheimer's. But this theory is a little different in that it suggests Meredith's voiceovers throughout the show could be stories that she's telling her own children in the future.

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12. The Entire Show Is Zola Reading Meredith's Diary

One fan on Tumblr has predicted the ending of Grey's Anatomy as: "What if Grey's Anatomy ends with a diary being closed by a black girl's hand. And the camera goes up to reveal a grown up Zola (who's wearing intern scrubs), and it turns out Meredith developed and died of Alzheimer's and wrote diaries like her mother did, and now Zola is carrying on the Grey legacy by becoming an aspiring surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?"

The carousel never stops turning.

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