The Things That Are Way Too Real To Grey's Anatomy Fans

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We guarantee you'll say "same" at least five times!

Every Thursday night you can be found in front of your TV, popcorn popped, and your favorite wine poured. All while wearing your comfiest PJs as your friend, who doesn't watch the show, silently judges you from the corner of the room. Here are 10 things that are just too real for Grey's Anatomy fans!

1. Thursday nights are like weekly holidays.

Forget weekends and actual national holidays! Thursday is your favorite day of the week (and it's not because it's the day before Friday)!

2. You no longer have a favorite character because they'll leave or die.

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Examples: Cristina, Derek, George, and Lexie. Even if it might keep things interesting, you can never get too attached. Because in Shondaland, NO ONE IS SAFE!

3. You've asked your friends to dress as doctors for Halloween.

Grey Sloan Memorial doctors: the ultimate group Halloween costume! Just hope that no one actually mistakes you for a real doctor in an emergency situation.

4. You consider yourself qualified to be a surgeon.

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Hours and hours of binge-watching have to count for something, right? RIGHT?

5. You've learned to expect the unexpected.

After a hospital bomb, a hospital shooting, a fatal plane crash, and so so so many deaths, the only natural next step is for Godzilla to show up in Seattle. Obviously.

6. You get nervous when something dramatic hasn't happened in a while.

If things are sort of quiet for two episodes, you just know something huge is about to go down.

7. All of your favorite quotes are from the show.

"Pick me, choose me, love me." "I am the sun, and he can go suck it." Honestly, this show is so quotable - it's almost impossible not to say one of these in real life!

8. You have your designated "person" and you're inseparable.

You're each other's number one fan, supporter, and motivator. You're each other's person! It's just what you do.

9. All of your life advice comes from Grey's. /

Watching Grey's Anatomy and listening to the narration is almost like have a life coach right there on your computer/television screen.

10. When someone dies and you feel like you've lost a loved one.

And it always feels just a little too personal when Shonda Rhimes decides to kill off another character. Especially if it is your favorite. And even more so if it is unexpectantly!

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