The Official Emotional Cycle of Watching Grey's

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

No other show compares when it comes to the emotional roller coaster that is Grey's Anatomy.

We all feel a wide range of emotions with every episode of Grey's Anatomy. Your typical Thursday night could either end in tears or smiles with very little in between.

1. Excitement

It's Thursday night. Your favorite wine is poured, the popcorn is freshly popped, you're ready for the new episode.

2. Slight Nervousness

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Things seem happy-go-lucky, but how long will that last? If we all know Shonda Rhimes as well as we think we do, this cheeriness is sure to end soon.

3. Anxiousness

Are those heart palpitations you're feeling from a steamy hookup or serious patient injury? Either way, someone page cardio.

4. Absolute Shock

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Oh no oh no oh no!! You get whiplash from how fast that plot twist came around the corner!

5. Intense Denial

This can't be happening.

6. Anger, Fits of Rage


7. Desperation and Sadness

The acceptance has started to sink in and you realize there's nothing you can do about the tragedy that has crossed Grey Sloan Memorial. So you just sit there crying, eyes still glued to the screen.

8. Emotional Eating

Remember the wine and the popcorn you have?

9. Annoyance

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

You've already started drafting your strongly-worded letter to the writers of the show.

10. Exhaustion

Because you know you'll have to do this all over again next Thursday.

What does your Grey's emotional roller coaster look like?