The Best Grey's Anatomy Moments You Totally Forgot About


It's been thirteen seasons, and obviously, we can't remember all of the moments Grey's Anatomy has given us since 2005. Sure, we remember the important moments, the happy and the sad. But there are those "oh yeah!" moments that we need just a little push to recall. Here is that push, and thirteen moments you almost forgot about.

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1. Callie's TED Talk

How cool would it be to be asked to speak at a TED event? If you're like Callie and speaking at a TED conference would totally stress you out - or maybe you have a fear of public speaking - you understand Callie's struggle, and you're totally rooting for her as she lays down her notecards and just starts talking.

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2. Guys Night At Derek's

One by one, the men of Grey's show up at Derek's to help him build his deck and blow off some steam. Mark shows up with Sofia and it's the cutest thing ever, but the best part of the moment occurs throughout as the men vent about their various problems.

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3. Meredith And Cristina Got Drunk At The Baseball Game

Raise your hand if this would be (or has been) you and your person. Talk about best friend goals. And Cristina's laugh when Lexie hits Mark's then-girlfriend, Julia, with the ball is absolutely priceless.

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4. Cristina Telling Her Patient A Pornographic Story

(Cristina, Meredith, and Izzie are tilting their heads, watching the porn playing for the patient)

Cristina: That does not look comfortable.

Meredith: Trust me, it's not.

That entire situation will always be hilarious!

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5. The Guys Go Camping (And Cristina Makes Fun Of Burke)

Sure, the guys get to bond and it's nice and all, but the real highlight is this one quote from Yang: "Prestons do not go into the woods. A guy named Preston is gonna get his ass kicked by a squirrel."

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6. April and Jackson Get In A Bar Fight

April wasn't having any of it when it came to that jerk in the bar the night before the board exam. Yeah, Jackson was there and helped defend her, but she really didn't need that much help. Girl has a killer right hook!

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7. McDreamy Wearing A Tiara

Look at his face. He's loving this moment, and so are we. A great dad moment and a great moment for McDreamy fans to love McDreamy that much more.

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8. Cristina Moonlighting At Joe's

Her specialty drink was called the Early Onset Alzheimer's "because you won't remember anything after you drink it." As short-lived as career change was, this moment definitely upped Yang's cool-factor.

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9. Catherine's Proposal To Richard

If anyone deserves a super-romantic-over-the-top marriage proposal, it's Richard Webber. The speech, the audience, the flowers and the candles were one thing, but having Catherine propose to Richard took this proposal to the next level.

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10. George Put The Racist Patient In His Place

"Since we're sharing belief systems, I believe if you were dead, the world would be a better place."

George is #savage and we love it!

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11. Bailey Took A Selfie With A Patient

Not even the great Miranda Bailey could resist getting a selfie with the impaled patient. Bailey's thought process, probably: But first, let me take a selfie.

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12. Izzie Roasts Olivia

Olivia: "Change your own bedpans, Stevens!"

Izzie: "Yeah, enjoy your syphilis, Olivia!"

This exchange gets me every time!

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13. That Time Derek Was In The Elevator With His Exes

Did anyone else feel intense secondhand embarrassment during this moment? It was so beautifully awkward. And Mark comes through with this zinger: "I bet you wish you'd taken the stairs right about now."

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