The 16 Most Iconic Grey's Scenes of All Time

Non-exhaustive, of course. That list would be absurdly long.

1. 16. Every MerDer moment.

Clumping all of their scenes together and taking it all way back to them meeting at Joe's.

2. 15. April eloping with Jackson.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Risky, bold move on Jackson's part. It worked out well enough for him, though. Not so much for Matthew.

3. 14. Izzie gets her dream wedding.

She plan the entire thing, after all.

4. 13. Meredith's drowning.

Girl definitely seemed to have a death wish in that moment. Dark and twisty, for sure.

5. 12. Burke leaving Cristina at the alter.

Did anyone see this coming? Definitely would have put money on Cristina bailing first.

6. 11. Learning that Derek was married to Addison.

via ABC

Everything seemed so perfect for MerDer. And then this season finale cliffhanger happened.

7. 10. Finding out Richard had a child with Ellis Grey.

That moment was everything I didn't know I wanted.

8. 9. Owen choking Cristina due to his PTSD

Now that was some really dark stuff.

9. 8. Watching Meredith put her hand in the body with the bomb inside.

What was she thinking?!

10. 7. Denny Duquette's death.

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

You never realize how many death scenes are iconic until you make a list like this. They're all just so dramatic!

11. 6. The plane crash.

All the wreckage plus Arizona's screaming in pain and Meredith screaming for Derek will always make this scene hard to watch.

12. 5. The famous Post-it note vow scene.

Who ever thought writing your vows down on a Post-it would be this romantic?

13. 4. The hospital shooting.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Highest levels of drama throughout this entire episode.

14. 3. Meredith and Cristina dance it out for the last time.

Ugh, having all of the feels.

15. 2. Derek's death.


Still not over it. Never will be.

16. 1. Seeing George on the other side of the elevator.

Izzie had no idea! We had no idea!

Which scenes from Grey's Anatomy will always stick out in your mind?