I Am Very Confused By Arizona, Tell Me I'm Not Alone


Complex or wishy-washy? You decide.

1. She didn't want kids...


And left for Africa to give Callie a chance to have everything she wanted.

2. But she became super overprotective when Callie is pregnant...


Remember when she didn't want Mark to have a say in any decision-making?

3. And later fought like hell to gain custody of Sofia.


Don't get me wrong, I love that she loves Sofia so much. I'm just a little confused as to how her character changed so quickly.

4. She wanted to be with Callie...


And wanted to fight to make their marriage work.

5. But she was still sleeping around with Leah.


Ugh. Leah. Good thing Arizona ended things when Callie asked her to move back in.

6. She _seems_ to like Dr. Minnick...


At least, that's the vibe I've been getting.

7. But they also act like arch-enemies.


I would very much appreciate it if I could get off this emotional rollercoaster.

Do you think Arizona Robbins is a huge hypocrite or a really complex character?