Every Feeling A Grey's Anatomy Fan Will Have Before The Season 14 Premiere


How many days until the Season 14 premiere? Too many.

Grey's Anatomy always packs the ultimate drama and makes us feel a range of emotions during every hour-long episode. When a season ends and we have to wait for months before the next new episode, we tend to go through a lot of emotions. Rumor is, Grey's Anatomy Season 14 will return this September for the Fall 2017 season. So, we have a long way to go. Here are some- but definitely not all- of the emotions we'll go through before the Season 14 premiere of Grey's Anatomy!

1. Shock

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The initial shock of the Season 13 finale hasn't gone away yet, and we're still reeling about the ending. How are we supposed to wait months before the newest episode?! It's going to be torture.

2. Exhaustion


Season finales are not easy episodes to get through, and Season 13 was no exception. That finale had us all in an intense state of suspense, and we definitely need to rest up before September.

3. Sadness


We're really not getting any new episodes until September. Has that sunk in yet? Well if it hasn't already, get some tissues and your favorite comfort food because you're about to be really sad.

4. Anger


WARNING: Fits of rage may occur. SHONDA HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?! September, Shonda?! SEPTEMBER?!!!

5. Annoyance


You've already started drafting your strongly-worded letter to the writers of the show demanding to know what happens next.

6. Anxiousness

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Like your an addict and Grey's Anatomy is your drug and not getting your weekly fix is making you a jittery mess.

7. Nostalgia

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Time to take to the internet and read all of the fan fiction and meme lists. Don't forget about taking all of the quizzes related to Grey's Anatomy.

8. Excitement

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This feeling will come as September gets closer. The moment between nostalgia and excitement is the perfect time to re-watch your favorite episodes (and maybe all of Season 13) so that you're definitely ready for the next season premiere.

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