A How To Guide On How To Find The Right Lady Doctor


Who knew choosing your gynecologist would be so important?

The process that is finding the perfect gynecologist isn't an easy one, but it is extremely important. Here's a how-to to get you started on choosing the right lady doctor.

1. Consider Your Needs

Are you looking for general healthcare and wellness exams? Are you trying to get pregnant? Where you fall when it comes to these questions may decide whether you want a general gynecologist or an OB-GYN.

If you have other specific concerns, you may want to look into a gynecologist who practices within a specific specialty.

2. Do Plenty Of Research

Asking girlfriends and female family members who they see is a great way to get referrals from people you trust. You can also take to the internet and research independently, and a web search will also provide you with more specifics on specialties, credentials, education, and patient reviews.

3. Schedule An Appointment

Time to see if you mesh with anyone! Once you've done your homework, schedule an appointment with your gynecologist of choice. At the first appointment, you'll want to ask your doctor some questions to see if you'll be comfortable seeing them. Do you share the same values? Are they nice, respectful, compassionate?

4. Listen To Your Gut

If you're feeling uncomfortable at any point, or you feel that it'll be difficult to keep seeing them, it's time to go back and research some more. You want your doctor to listen to you and engage in dialogue and behavior that makes you feel safe, comfortable and healthy.


No matter which direction you decide to go in, your lady garden is an important part of your body. It's important to have someone looking out for your womanly health and well-being.

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