Grey's Anatomy Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

"OMG this is just like Grey's Anatomy." - You, at least 5 times a week.

Sometimes it's hard finding the words to describe how you're feeling. But no worries! Grey's has your back! Here are 13 memes to help you navigate your feelings and emotions about Grey's Anatomy.

1. When Someone Asks You What's Happening On Your Favorite Show

There's really no other way to explain it. This is basically it.

2. Or When You Need To Explain Meredith's Family

"So she has two sisters, but they're half sisters, and only one of them shares the same mother as Meredith...Does that make sense?"

3. When Someone Asks How You're Doing

You're basically living and dying every Thursday night, all thanks to Shonda Rhimes. And you can never guess which one will hit you first.

4. When "Binge" Is The Only Setting You Know

And good luck explaining to someone who doesn't watch the show that "just one episode" is not a phrase you're familiar with.

5. When You Realize You Should Have Gone Pre-Med

But who needs med school when you've been watching surgeries since 2005? I'm perfectly qualified already! Am I right?

6. When Someone Says They Don't Like Grey's Anatomy

And you're trying your best to hold in your anger.

7. When Something Tragic Happens To Your Favorite

And you have to keep telling yourself that they aren't actually real.

8. When It's Thursday Night And Your Phone Rings

Especially when you made sure your Postmates delivery arrived just before the episode started.

9. When You've Learned To Expect The Unexpected

Honestly, would this be much of a surprise at this point?

10. When Someone Says They've Never Even Seen The Show

Stuck wondering whether or not these people actually live under rocks. I mean, this show has been going on for 13 seasons! Where have you been, people!?

11. When You Have To Wait Another Week For The Next Episode

So you'll just talk about everything that's happened for the next week. How do people wait an entire 7 days?

12. When You Remember The Show Is On Netflix

Who needs to wait for Thursday to have their heart shattered into a million pieces? George's death, Lexie's death, Derek's death- pick your poison. It's all there.

13. When You Know Exactly Who To Blame For All The Drama In Your Life

Raise your hand if a person you've never even met has broken your heart more than once.

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