4 Crazy Grey's Anatomy Theories Every Fan Needs To Know About

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These theories will blow your mind!

If you think about Grey's Anatomy as much as I do, you know that there has to be a bigger theme to the show. We all have our ideas on what that could be and how the show would end. Luckily, we also have the internet to go to when we want to share our crazy ideas about all things Grey's Anatomy. So, here are 4 Grey's Anatomy fan theories that everyone should know about!

1. We Knew About Derek's Death In Season 1


Season 1, Episode 2: After treating a patient in a coma, Derek is talking to Meredith and he says, "I have four sisters, if I were in a coma they'd all be here. I'd want them here." Could this have been an allusion to Derek's death? Or is it just a weird coincidence?

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2. Grey's Anatomy Takes Place In The Marvel Universe


One Grey's fans on Reddit shared this theory, writing, "My theory is that this show takes place in a small corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have several reasons for this, some based on general thoughts about the series, some based on specific similarities, and some based on real-world connections between the show and the MCU."

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3. Lexie Grey Is A Figment Of Our Imagination

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Has anyone else thought about the timeline of Lexie's existence? Like, have you actually done the math? Something doesn't add up. This theory is a little out there, but some fans believe that Lexie Grey never actually existed.

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4. The Voiceovers Are Zola Reading Meredith's Diary

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A Grey's fan on Tumblr has predicted the ending of Grey's Anatomy as: "What if Grey's Anatomy ends with a diary being closed by a black girl's hand. And the camera goes up to reveal a grown up Zola (who's wearing intern scrubs), and it turns out Meredith developed and died of Alzheimer's and wrote diaries like her mother did, and now Zola is carrying on the Grey legacy by becoming an aspiring surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?"

The carousel never stops turning.

What are your theories about Grey's? Share them with us!

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