13 Times The Women Of Grey's Anatomy Showed Us What Chief Really Means


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The women of Grey's Anatomy are fierce, focused, and filled with a drive some people could only dream of. Here are just thirteen of the many times the women of Grey's helped fuel our inner fire.

1. When the women basically ran the hospital.

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Not only is Miranda Bailey Chief of Surgery, but at least five surgical specialties are headed by women! Amazing work by amazing women!

2. When Cristina Yang spoke these words of true wisdom.


Significant others are great, but always remember that you are the center of your life! She couldn't be more right.

3. And this iconic quote.


Being and feeling beautiful is great! But, intelligence is so often overlooked when it comes to women, it can be unsettling. A woman's intelligence is incredibly important! And damn sexy, too!

4. But also reminded us that it's ok to be confident in how you look


Take pride in your sexuality! Take pride in how you look! You are beautiful! No shame!

5. Izzie's fierce "Dr. Model" speech.


"Gather round and check out the booty that put Izzie Stevens through med school!" Putting Alex in his place and addressing workplace misogyny.

6. When April went off on that guy before the boards exam.


Proud of April for speaking up! She definitely wasn't going to let him say she got that job offer over him because she was easy!

7. She also taught us to be true to what we believe in.


Her dedication to her faith is really inspiring and teaches us to be dedicated in all of our own beliefs and values.

8. Stephanie taught us that we, too, can get through anything.


I mean, her boyfriend ran off with another woman...who also happened to be the freaking bride...which Stephanie had gone to as his date. If she can still work with Jackson after that mess, we can get through our own relationship struggles.

9. Arizona LOST HER LEG and she still runs the Peds department.


Even if she had difficulties at first, her strength and resilience are inspiring and admirable. If that's not a woman conquering the world, who knows what is.

10. Bailey's transformation is empowering.


In the flashback episodes, we see Miranda Bailey as a shy and passive resident. Fast-forward to now and she's freaking Chief of Surgery. Personal growth done right!

11. Meredith is conquering the world on her own.


She's dominating her career as a single mother of three. Proving to us all that we don't need a man to survive. (But RIP Derek!)

12. Callie's decisions in her career prove she's a strong woman.


Callie is perhaps the strongest character on the show, and she's had to overcome a heck of a lot of adversity. She is a bi-sexual Latina orthopedic surgeon. Those facts in themselves have provided a mountain of judgment/stereotypes for her to deal with, and she has brushed them aside with absolute grace. Callie has had to struggle to feel comfortable with every aspect of who she is and she has never apologized for just being herself.

13. Amelia is constantly reminding us that we can always fight.

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From the tragic losses of her father and brother to continual struggle with addiction, Amelia's persistence to keep going is awe-inspiring.

Which Grey's women inspire you to conquer the world?

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