16 Times The Men of Grey's Anatomy Set The Bar For Men Too High


All that passion and sweeping romantic gestures give us unrealistic expectations for men!

Do you ever feel disappointed knowing men in the real world will never live up to the expectations that fictional men set? While we're all waiting for our own McDreamy, here are 16 times the men of Grey's Anatomy made us want to live in the fantasy world that is Shondaland.

1. Derek's "I've Been In Love With You Forever" Speech


In Season 3, Episode 1, Meredith is trying to decide between McVet and McDreamy. Then Derek shows up at her house to tell her that he's in love with her and that she had to made a choice between the two men in her life. Swoon!

2. Jackson Stopped A wedding To Profess His Love For April

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Weddings usually have the "If anyone objects to this marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace" section, but who actually takes the officiator up on that offer?! Talk about BIG romantic gestures!

3. The Bad-Boy-But-Good-With-Kids Alex Karev


So, Alex is basically what we wish every bad boy we've come across would be like! General bad attitude + a love for kids + being a fantastic and successful surgeon = totally swoon-worthy.

4. Ben Left His Surgical Program In LA For Bailey


Proving that at least the men in Shonda's world puts their loved one's success over their own sometimes!

5. Derek's Amazing Marriage Proposal


Anyone can take their girlfriend to a fancy dinner or a beach vacation to propose. Only the most thoughtful men work to make their proposal THIS special and personal!

6. And The Post-It Vows That Were #RelationshipGoals


Not everyone needs an extravagant wedding in front of everybody they know to make life-long promises to each other. Sometimes all you need is the love of your life and a piece of paper to write on.

7. Two Words: Denny. Duquette.


There's a reason why his death hurt fans so much. His marriage proposal to Izzie was everything. He knew what he wanted and he just totally went for it.

8. When Owen Was So In-Touch With His Emotions


Why do some men think its better to suppress their emotions? Owen definitely hits the nail on the head with this one: we're all supposed to feel!

9. And Mark Telling Lexie He Loved Her One Last Time


During her last moments, Mark did everything he could to keep her hopeful and happy. He promised her the world in those moments and it will forever be one of the saddest and sweetest scenes in Grey's Anatomy history.

10. MerDer's Steamy Bubble Bath


Nothing sets the bar higher than a guy who is ready and willing to light a million candles, draw a bubble bath, and hop in with you.

11. Anytime The Men Of Grey's Held A Baby


Redefining the term "dad bod." OMG. Does this need explaining? Are anyone else's ovaries bursting?

12. Literally Every Time We Got A Shot Of The Men Without Their Shirts

via ABC
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

And our excitement levels rise more than a few notches. It is getting hot in here or what? It's almost too much sometimes. Almost.

13. Derek Describing His First Kiss With Meredith Had Our Hearts Melting


This was so sweet, I almost get teary just thinking about it. I don't know how many people can say this about any of their first kisses.

14. And This Quote:


When are the men in the real world going to start saying things like this?

15. And Who Could Forget Izzie and Alex's Wedding?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

Where some guys would cut and run, Karev really stepped up when he found out about Izzie's tumor. And his wedding vows are even more beautiful. Sigh.

16. And Then There's George. Just George.


If you ask any of the original interns (and Bailey), they'll tell you that the best one out of all of them was George. He was a night in shining armor, a true friend, and he would literally jump in front of a bus to save a stranger! Although he is characterized as goofy, there's nothing sexier than someone who is genuinely loyal, honest, and kind.

When did the men of Grey's Anatomy set the bar too high for you?

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