16 Times Shonda Rhimes Ripped Our Hearts Out & Stomped All Over Them

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"It's a beautiful day to RUIN lives" - Shonda Rhimes, probably.

16 Times Shonda Rhimes Ripped Our Hearts Out & Stomped All Over Them

It simply wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy if we weren't on a neverending carousel of heartbreak. But, even as Shonda continues to rip our hearts out and stomp all over them, we stay invested in the lives of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial because we've watched them grow right before our eyes. Here are 16 times Shonda Rhimes ripped out our hearts and stomped all over them!

1. When Burke Left Cristina At The Alter


Even if we were eventually happy that she was free. In that moment, we all wanted to wrap our arms around Yang, too.

2. Literally Anytime A Patient Dies


Whether it's someone we've grown to know or someone who we thought had a chance, this always hurts. Especially if the patient is a child. Does anyone else have a full-on sob fest?

3. When We Realized Izzie Had Cancer


Hadn't she been through enough with Denny?! AND Ghost Denny? This whole arc was devastating!

4. That Moment We All Thought Mark Was Going To Be Okay

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He woke up. He was so optimistic!! We were so optimistic! And then he took a total 180. It was like having whiplash.

5. When Adele Dies


And you wanted to be happy because it's Miranda's wedding day, but you're also holding back tears because you know Richard is losing another of his loves.

6. Cristina's Ectopic Pregnancy


If Cristina Yang is crying, you know it's a sob-worthy situation. End. Of. Story.

7. Mark Declaring His Love For Lexie


And then she died just when you think they could maybe finally have a happy ending. Ugh, the feels!!

8. Actually, The Entire Plane Crash


We didn't know where Derek was, Arizona wouldn't stop screaming and (see above) Mark and Lexie were having that moment. Everything was crashing and burning right before out eyes. WHY SHONDA!?

9. George's Death

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If that elevator scene doesn't make your heart ache- even today- there may be no hope for you.

10. When April And Jackson Lost Their Son


Things only got worse from there with the couple's tumultuous relationship and eventual divorce. Those moments were like watching a slow-motion car crash.

11. When Denny's Heart Stopped Beating

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The scenes leading up to this moment were so intense. And, of course, we were all rooting for him to make it, which made his death all the more tragic.

12. Meredith's Drowning


Our hearts ached in the worst way as she gave up and slipped farther into the water. Then our hearts ached in the best way as Derek saved her.

13. That Time Derek Chose Addison Over Meredith


And we were all like, "No, you idiot! Pick her, choose her, love her!!!" How dare you, McDreamy?!

14. The Hospital Shooting Episode


The entire thing from start to finish was one hell of a roller coaster ride. So many shootings, so many deaths.

15. Derek's Death


It was such a beautiful day to save lives, and Derek saved so many that day. It's so much more heartbreaking knowing he was truly a hero that day.

16. Amelia's Breakdown After Derek's Death


Watching Amelia bring forward all the emotions that she had been bottling up was nothing short of devastating.

What moments from Grey's Anatomy bring you to tears? Let us know!


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