16 Embarrassing Things All Cat Owners Have Definitely Done


How many of these are you guilty of doing?

Love make us do strange things. To prove that you're not alone in the weird and sometimes embarrassing things you do as a cat owner, here's a list for you!

1. Calling Your Cat Your Child

Because calling them your pet just doesn't seem to be enough.

2. Trying To Hold Your Cat's Hand

And grasping it when they try to pull away.

3. Having Conversations With Your Cat

All the while knowing they'll never understand you or be able to talk back.

4. And Using A Funny Voice Specifically For Them

How else are you supposed to address them?

5. Taking A Picture Of Your Cat Whenever They Do Something Cute/Weird

Cat: Puts head in slice of bread. You: Must take picture.

6. Feeling Offended When They Pay Attention To Someone Other Than You

Like, hello! Remember who feeds you?!

7. Holding Your Cat Up To A Mirror So They Can See Themselves

"Who's that?! Is that you?! Yes, it is!"

8. Buying Your Cat Birthday Presents

Even when you know all they'll want to play with is a cardboard box.

9. Having More Photos Of Your Cat On Your Phone Than Other Humans

"Oh, but she's just so cute and photogenic!"

10. Using Your Cat As A Pillow

But never applying too much pressure because you don't want to squish them.

11. Saying "Hello" And "Goodbye" When Your Cat Enters/Leaves The Room

Again, as if they'd understand.

12. Trapping Your Cat In A Room With You So They'll Hang Out With You

But all they want to do is escape, and you're always like, "Just love me!"

13. Ditching Plans To Stay Home And Hang Out With Your Cat

"Oh, sorry, I can't make it. I'm really sick. Let's reschedule!"

14. Forcing Them To Cuddle Even When They Obviously Don't Want To

If only they would hold still! We just want to love you!

15. Saying "Bless You" When Your Cat Sneezes

We've already established that cats have no idea what we're saying, right?

16. Trying To Negotiate With Your Cat About Whether It Wants To Be In Or Out

"Okay, Mr. Whiskers, but this is the last time I'm opening this door. Do you hear me?"

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