15 WTF Moments From Grey's You Totally Forgot About.


In no particular order of WTF-ness.

1. When the paramedic stuck her hand inside a victim’s chest cavity.


And then the doctors realized there was A BOMB inside of him. Okay, so it wasn't a bomb so much as it was ammunition that hadn't exploded, but still!!

2. Jackson walked away from the burning bus.


And we were all having heart palpitations because we thought he had to be dead, but then we saw him save that little girl and we all cried out in relief.

3. George performed heart surgery IN AN ELEVATOR...AS AN INTERN!

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So badass.

4. George got syphilis.


Not so badass. And he technically got it from Alex. Well, actually from Olivia, but she got it from Alex! Poor George.

5. A patient stole a chainsaw and used it to remove his own foot.


Personally, I try to repress this one because it's so cringe-worthy.

6. That time Izzie basically had sex with a ghost.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Denny returns in Season 5 and not only does Izzie imagine that he's talking to her, but she also imagines them having sex. WTF? At least it's all in Izzie's mind, right?

7. Meredith "kills" a patient on purpose.


Here's what went down: Meredith intubated a DNR patient (not knowing the patient was DNR) because the hospital lost the patient's chart. Meredith then had to fix her mistake and gave the patient a sedative and removed the tubes. Talk about awkward.

8. When Derek picked Meredith for surgery instead of Cristina.


Remember Katie Bryce from Season 1? Yeah, Cristina was the one who discovered her aneurism, but Derek chose Meredith to scrub in instead. Not cool, Derek.

9. When Meredith switched Adele’s drug samples in the Alzheimer’s trial.


Risking her job and her relationship with Derek. What were you thinking, Mer?

10. The patient who could hear inside of her body.

  1. Demi Lovato guest starred.
  2. Ew, could you imagine hearing inside your own body?!

11. Burke left a towel in a patient.

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Impressive, perfect, super-talented Burke?! Yes, I know, I'm still shocked too.

12. That patient who claimed to have visions.


He knew about Cristina's pregnancy and Izzie's nickname. And then after his surgery he had another vision! Freaky.

13. April and Alex were almost a thing.


Call it a crush. Sure, it didn't last long, but wouldn't that have been weird?

14. Owen choked Cristina.


This is when we find out about his PTSD, but WTF?

15. Meredith died.


We all knew she wouldn't actually die...or did we? What we were all thinking anyway: STOP EVERYTHING THIS. IS. NOT. HAPPENING. OMG WTF.

What are some crazy WTF moments from Grey's Anatomy that you remember?

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