15 Things You Never Knew About Grey's Anatomy


Even if you're the biggest fan, you might not know all of these!

Can you believe we've been tuning into the happenings of a hospital in Seattle, Washington for 13 seasons now?! Yes, it does seem like forever, but do we really have plans to stop anytime soon? Didn't think so. Here are fifteen fascinating, little-known facts you might not have known or noticed these past 13 years!

1. Originally, The Show Had A Different Title


Sure, we all know Shonda Rhimes was calling the show "Complications" for a little while, but did you know that the title of the original pitch is called "Surgeons"?

2. Alex Karev Didn't Exist In The Original Pitch


He was added in after the pilot was shot. And 13 seasons later, he is still a main character on the show. Way to go, dude!

3. Derek Was Going To Have A Teenage Daughter


Derek Shepherd was supposed to have a teenage daughter who apparently convinced him to take the job at the hospital. That seems so weird now that we know his entire story.

4. Cristina Was Going To Fall In Love...

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

...with a dying patient. Can you imagine her falling in love with Denny Duquette?! Her original storyline included her falling in love with a dying patient (hello, paging Izzie Stevens) and her father becoming a major donor to the hospital.

5. Meredith's Mom Wasn't Originally Ellis Grey


She was going to be Helen Grey. What a sweet name. Though, Ellis seems to suit her more, no?

6. Different Personalities: Richard Webber


The original Richard Webber was written to be much colder and unlovable. We can't even imagine! Do you think that would have made him a better or worse match for Ellis?

7. Different Personalities Pt. 2: Miranda Bailey


Picture this alternative: Deborah, "surly, quirky, and sorely lacking in people skills" (according to Rhimes). She also was supposed to get into an "odd but hot" sexual relationship with George...WHAT?!

8. Addison and Arizona Weren't Meant To Stay Long


Arizona was originally just going to have a three-episode arc, and Addison was only supposed to be in a few episodes. The reaction to their characters was so positive and they had such great chemistry with the rest of the cast, though, so they stuck around for a bit longer.

9. Our Doctors Love Tequila, But Why?


Because Shonda Rhimes picks her characters' alcohol preferences deliberately. She said Meredith and Cristina drank tequila because "you never saw women drinking on TV...women weren't the hard drinkers."

10. Seattle Wasn't The First Location Choice


Boston, Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago were all considered before Seattle was decided on. We're pretty happy the way it played out, though!

11. Fun Facts About Props!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Real cow organs are used. Lamb brains have been used on set. Blood matter is made with red Jell-O and chicken fat.

You're welcome.

12. Rhimes Knows What's In Every Doctor's Locker


Rhimes included the contents of all the main characters' hospital lockers in their character descriptions to flesh out their personalities. Talk about in-depth character analysis.

13. Patrick Dempsey Didn't Know His Character Was Married


He figured it out halfway through the first season. And Ellen Pompeo didn't know that Derek was married until the Season 1 finale was being filmed.

14. Roles, Reversed


Isaiah Washington originally auditioned for the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd, and Sandra Oh originally read for the part of Miranda Bailey. Now that would have been a totally different show.

15. Shonda Rhimes Knows Things About The Characters That We Don't


Like this one: Preston Burke's mother owned a restaurant in Alabama. To some, this may seem insignificant, but to Rhimes and others, these minor details make the characters more relatable.

What's something you think not enough people know about Grey's Anatomy?

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