14 Dirty Grey's Anatomy Secrets Straight From The Cast

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From favorite couple name to who has the best jokes!

It may not seem possible, but even after 13 seasons, it's still possible to learn new things about our favorite ABC series Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy is home to lots of drama but the cast has secrets of it's own! Here are fourteen secrets from the cast of Grey's Anatomy about all the drama that goes on behind the scenes.

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Or, test you knowledge of Grey's Anatomty and all it's secrets?

1. Justin Chambers is Team Jo.

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Chambers (aka Dr. Alex Karev) isn't on board with things moving into a more romantic direction for his character and Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey!

2. Chandra Wilson never thought "vajayjay" would become a thing.

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Wilson, who plays Miranda Bailey, definitely had no idea that she would coin a term used by so many women to describe our lady-parts. You have to admit, it is really catchy.

3. Debbie Allen's favorite part of being on the show? The sex.

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But not just any sex. She especially loves how her character gets to have so much great sex with Dr. Webber.

4. Jessica Capshaw's favorite couple name is "Calzona"

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She might be a little biased, but let's be real, "Calzona" is a fantastic 'ship name!

5. The strangest prop on set is a prosthetic of Scott Foley's head.


No complaints here. It turns out the prop was made when Scott Foley was on the show as Henry Burton, husband to Teddy Altman.

6. That new "Japril" episode was shot on location.

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Yep, in Montana. Actors Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams actually escaped to the Treasure State to film that scene.

7. Jessica Capshaw is the funniest on set.

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Everyone thinks so. When asked about on-set jokes, Giacomo Gianniotti didn't even hesitate when he replied with, "Capshaw."

8. Chandra has also directed some episodes.


Sixteen, to be exact. So, Bailey is a badass on and off set! Check her out: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0933156/#director

9. Ellen Pompeo has directed too!


She directed "Be Still, My Soul," which aired on March 30, 2017.

10. The show is way more real than anyone knows.

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Almost every medical case played out on the show comes from a real, documented patient. The writers look at medical journals for inspiration when writing those crazy cases.

11. Chambers misses Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan.

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Boy, don't we all. During a panel, Chambers was asked who he'd save out of everyone we've lost throughout the 13 seasons. "McDreamy, McSteamy," he said. "I love them, I miss 'em."

12. The show has literally saved someone's life.


During the same panel, Debbie Allen (Catherine Avery) revealed that a friend of hers found similarities in symptoms with a patient on the show. She realized something was wrong and went to the doctor for a proper diagnosis. She would never have gone if not for Grey's Anatomy.

13. And that episode? Directed by Kevin McKidd.


It must be pretty cool knowing the story you helped to tell helped save another person's life.

14. The set is actually pretty fun despite the drama of the show.


Jesse Williams on how the cast sets the tone off screen: "It's lighthearted...We crack a lot of jokes and save the drama for what's on screen."

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