13 Things You've Definitely Said If You're Obsessed With Grey's Anatomy


"It's a beautiful day to save lives."

We all know Grey's Anatomy is your Thursday night ritual (#TGIT) and your favorite weekend binge-watching show. With that being said, it's entirely possible you've said all of the things on this list since the show began in 2005.

1. "Is It Thursday Yet?"


And, no, it's not because it's one day closer to the weekend. This night has been reserved for Grey's exclusively since season 3, and sometimes it might even be the best part of your week!

2. You Call Your Best Friend Your "Person."


Designating your person is probably one of the best things that came from Grey's. You may or may not have also referred to each other as the Twisted Sisters on more than one occasion.

3. You've Described Yourself As "Dark" And "Twisty."


When someone asks you to describe yourself in one word and you look up at them and think...but there are two...

4. You Refer To Babies As "Tiny Humans."


Honestly, this is just adorable and you can't help yourself but call them that. And it always reminds you of what Arizona warned us all: "Do not harm the makers of the tiny humans. They will eat you alive."

5. "Push One Of Epi!"


Okay, so maybe you haven't actually said this, but you know you've always wanted to. Sometimes you might even find yourself saying it in your head if something small happens to one of your friends or when reading your Biology textbook.

6. George Didn't Deserve To Die!


George was SUCH a good guy and he was Bailey's favorite. Is anyone else still not over this? Will we ever move on? Probably not!

7. And Neither Did Derek For That Matter.


Insert Shonda Rhimes ripping all of our heart's out. This is a vicious cycle, I tell you!

8. You've Definitely Told People You Could Be A Surgeon.


Medical school? Pffftt. 13 Seasons of Grey's Anatomy pretty much qualifies you to run an OR. Am I right? Or what?

9. Meredith and Derek are #relationshipgoals.

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

Everything about them is perfect, down to the hairs on their heads. And you're happy to tell anyone who seems even remotely interested.

10. "I'll Just Watch One Episode."

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Said no Grey's Anatomy fan ever. (But, no, we've all been here. We just failed to do so.)

11. "I Think I Should Restart The Entire Show."

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

And then three seconds later you're calling in sick to work and canceling your weekend plans. But who needs those things when you have Grey's? Right?

12. "I Feel Personally Victimized By Shonda Rhimes."


Don't we all. Don't. We. All. Oh! Your favorite character died? You know who is responsible. We ALL know.

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