12 Grey's TBTs You Need To See This Week

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Thursdays are the best days for Grey's and throwbacks. Everyone knows that.

Thursday means Grey's Anatomy, but it also means throwbacks. And we all know Grey's Anatomy provides the best throwback moments. So since we don't get new Grey's episodes until the fall (Season 14- YAY!!), we have to get our fix somehow. Check out these twelve Grey's Anatomy throwbacks to satisfy your Grey's needs for the time being.

1. TBT To When Meredith Had The Threesome Dream

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

And we wished our own dreams were this sexy! Do we even need to say more?

2. TBT To When We Got New Interns

ABC Studios

And we didn't really know how to react to it. I guess it's just a "the carousel never stops turning" kind of thing.

3. TBT To Some Of Mark's Most Inspiring Last Words

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And he made us all want to be brave when it comes to love.

4. TBT To When The Doctors Bought The Hospital


And we had to sit through all the stressful (and hilarious) moments of doctors meeting in the van outside the hospital.

5. TBT To Meredith And Derek At The "Prom"


And everything that happened afterward with the underwear pinned to the bulletin board.

6. TBT To Izzie & Alex's Wedding

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

And not even caring that the wedding was supposed to be for Meredith and Derek because it was so dang beautiful.

7. TBT To The Alternate Universe


Where Meredith and Alex were engaged and Callie and Owen were together. Strange times.

8. TBT To Jackson and April's Elopement


And feeling sorry for Matthew because he didn't deserve that but also having a "FINALLY!" moment for Jackson & April.

9. TBT To The OG Interns

via ABC

When their lives were much simpler and they had no idea what kind of drama and tragedy the future had in store.

10. TBT To Any Dance It Out Moment

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

From the house party to Cristina and Mer's last time dancing it out, we could be there to dance it out too.

11. TBT To The Hospital Softball Game

via ABC

Hilarious! From Lexie throwing the ball at Mark's girlfriend to our beloved doctors winning against Mercy West.

12. TBT To This Moment


Specifically. Everything was perfect from the moment those elevator doors opened. SWOON. Definite proposal goals!

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