11 Grey's Anatomy Scenes That Nearly Put You on Life Support

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You'll definitely need to page cardio after reading through this.

Our beloved doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial always seem to find the time to have some seriously steamy hook-ups in between saving all of those patients. Here are 11 of the best sex scenes from Grey's Anatomy.

1. Alex and Addison's Hookup


Addison finds herself attracted to Karev, despite her telling Callie that she'd never sleep with "the help." She later confronts Karev about getting too close to a patient, and this results in the two of them getting hot and heavy in the nearest on-call room.

2. Lexie and Jackson's Shower Makeout Session


This happens during the time when Lexie is still clearly into Mark, but she and Jackson enjoy quite a few hookups. This shower scene (where April walks in on them) definitely makes this one of the best.

3. Derek and Meredith's Breakup Sex


Meredith and Derek decide they're going to break up in the heartbreaking episode, but as we all know, they can't resist each other for too long. They end up having hot breakup sex right there during the breakup while repeating the words "breakup sex" over and over again.

4. Mark and Callie's Marathon Session


Callie attempts to get rid of her feelings for Erica by having a marathon sex session with Mark in Season 4. Talk about steamy!!

5. April Losing Her Virginity


The stress of board exams and April starting a bar brawl gets April's adrenaline pumping and she decides it's a good time to have sex for the first time and loses her virginity to Jackson.

6. Cristina and Burke In The On-Call Room


Here's how it happens: Cristina walks into the on-call room to find Burke half-naked. She says, "Thanks for the coffee," right before the sexual tension is just too much to handle.

7. Derek and Meredith At The Prom

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This might be one of the most passionate hookup scenes in Grey's Anatomy history. During the fake prom the hospital puts on for Webber's niece, Meredith and Derek sneak away to have a heated exchange, which ends in them having sex.

8. Callie and Arizona's Steamy Shower Scene


What is it with other people walking in on shower sex? Lexie walks in on Arizona and Callie during their steamy morning shower.

9. Lexie Asking Mark to Teach Her


Lexie, refusing to take no for an answer, shows up at Mark's place even though he says he can't hook up with "Little Grey." She's very persistent and asks him to "teach" her until they're both rolling around in bed together.

10. Alex And Izzie In The Storage Closet


Alex and Izzie were just hookup buddies before they really fell in love. Izzie confronts Karev in the storage closet after the hospital bomb scare with this line: "I haven't had sex in eight months and 12 days. I'm horny, I'm half-naked, and I'm saying yes. Do you want to stand there and talk metaphors or do you want to literally take off your pants?"

11. Meredith and Derek's Shower Scene


Meredith and Derek take this and every other makeout session to another level in this sexy montage.

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