10 Reasons DeLuca Is Actually Kinda Awesome


Because there's more to Dr. DeLuca than just his good looks.

1. He was a total badass even before his first day as an intern.


Using his tie to stabilize a woman's wrist after a tunnel collapsed? Genuis. So he fumbled once he got to the hospital...and then there's the whole pretending-to-be-an-attending thing...

Oh well, still totally awesome.

2. Really, his ingenuity is what's awesome.


Because later on he used a door as a backboard. Who thinks of something like that so quickly?!

3. He has a great personality.


DeLuca is very easygoing and confident. Two very awesome traits.

4. His relationship with Maggie.


DeLuca's easygoing personality perfectly balances Maggie's neurotic/spastic tendencies. They say opposite attract, people.

5. His looks.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

I mean, do I really even need to say it?

6. His chivalrous nature.


He really did just want to help Jo get home safely when she was a little too drunk. That entire moment was just one huge misunderstanding.

7. Letting Alex off the hook.


Even though technically the authorities wouldn't have been involved had DeLuca not pressed charges in the first place. Semantics.

8. He also likes kids.


This is the face of a great pediatric surgeon, don't you think? If only he didn't already mention he wasn't interested in peds.

9. His hair is fantastic.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

McDreamy 2.0? Still too soon?

10. And he's not going anywhere.


Dr. Andrew DeLuca has been named a series regular on the show. Be still my beating heart.

What do you like most about DeLuca?