Quiz: Do You Know The Meaning Of Every "Word Of The Year" Since 1990?

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Do you know words for years?!

How well do you know the definition of every "word of the year" since 1990? Take this quiz to find out!

 Dec 21, 2020

1 of 28Define:

A type of flower
A type of plant
Insincere political rhetoric

2 of 28Define:

Mother of all
The most impressive
Eve (from the Bible)

3 of 28Define:

An expression of disagreement
To tie something
An insect

4 of 28Define:

Information superhighway
A network linking electronic means of communication
A highway with several lanes
A highway of only smart cars

5 of 28Define:

To throw up
An exoskeleton
To change form

6 of 28Define:

A fig
To make aggressive changes as a newcomer
A type of vegetable

7 of 28Define:

Soccer mom
A go-getter
A soccer player
Newly significant type of voter

8 of 28Define:

Millennium bug
Bug that causes computers to think that the year after 1999 is 1900
An illness that hits Millennials
A millipede

9 of 28Define:

Short for “electric"
Short for “eventful"
Short for “electronic”

10 of 28Define:

millennium bug
The year 2000
A cross country race

11 of 28Define:

A personality trait
A small scrap of paper punched from a voting card
A skin tag

12 of 28Define:

Terrorist attacks that occurred on that date
A bigger 7-11
A two hour window

13 of 28Define:

Warriors of mass destruction
Weapons of mass destruction
Weapons of mass disease

14 of 28Define:

A woman interested in a man
Fashion-conscious heterosexual male
A person who loves to ride the subway

15 of 28Define:

Red/blue/purple states
Coastal, mountainous and desert states
Republican, Democrat and Swing states
Northern, southern and midwestern states

16 of 28Define:

A lie
A truth that's too hard to hear
What one wishes to be the truth regardless of the fact

17 of 28Define:

To be respected
To have money
To be demoted or devalued

18 of 28Define:

A cheaper brand of paint
Lower than street level
Less than ideal loan, mortgage, or investment

19 of 28Define:

The rescue by the government of companies on the brink of failure
A person who puts up money to get out of jail
Emptying water from a sink

20 of 28Define:

a short message sent via the Twitter.com
The opposite of sour
A noise a bird makes

21 of 28Define:

Application program for a computer or phone operating system
Short for "appliance"
A job application

22 of 28Define:

Moving to another area
Referring to the Occupy protest movement
To move something

23 of 28Define:

used on Twitter to mark a topic or make a commentary
A piece of paper that shows the price of something
The pound sign on a phone's keypad

24 of 28Define:

An expression of agreement
Introducing a part of speech ("because Jesus," "because wine")
To agree with a decision

25 of 28Define:

Hashtag used as protest over blacks killed at the hands of police
Hashtag used as protest over blacks killed at the hands of the government
Hashtag used as protest over blacks killed by disease

26 of 28Define:

A person who exhibits an extreme love of nature
A person who exhibits an extreme love of firearms
A person who exhibits an extreme love of cleaning

27 of 28Define:

dumpster fire
To get sick from a bad meal
an exceedingly disastrous or chaotic situation
A small controlled fire

28 of 28Define:

fake news
News that is ignored
News that is too graphic
Disinformation or falsehoods presented as real news
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Would you describe yourself as a wordsmith? Are you an English language aficionado? Are you well versed? Do you love the written word? Do you have what some would consider a vast vocabulary? Do you sometimes use words that people don't readily understand? Do you engage in wordplay on a regular basis? Have you been following all the Words of Year since 1990? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then take this quiz to see how your brain processes your understanding of the English language and see how well you score!

The Oxford Word of the Year is a word or phrase that reflects the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of the passing year and may become part of the lexicon permanently! Yes, some of the words and phrases here are commonly used. In fact, you may use them every day, but do you know what they really mean? Only time will tell—let's see just how well you do on this fun but challenging quiz!

We've given you eighteen tough questions. If you guess them correctly, congratulations, your genius for words indeed off the charts. You'll be crowned an English language champion with a knack for proper grammar! If you don't do so well, then you may want to go back to the drawing board, crack open a book or take a few classes to brush up on your language skills. So, sit back, relax and find out which side of the vocabulary fence you're on! Good luck!