Quiz: No One Can Get 10/15 On This Genius Brain Game Challenge. Can You?

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Let's see your stuff smarty pants! Do you have what it takes to get a perfect score on this tricky knowledge test? Test your IQ with 15 quick questions and find out how smart you really are!

Take this quiz and show the world how smart you are when it comes to puzzles, riddles, facts and figures!

 Jan 04, 2018
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Which of these former professional tennis players started their own underwear brand?
Bjorn Borg
Roger Federer
Calvin Klein
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Who did Lady Diana Spencer marry?
Prince Andrew
Prince Charles
Prince Albert
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Which of the following does not belong?
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Multiply the number of mittens lost by 2 kittens, by the number of months beginning with M.
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In what city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?
Washington, D.C.
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Which country has a maple leaf on it's national flag?
The Netherlands
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"Arachnophobia" is the fear of _________.
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What newspaper did Clark Kent work for?
The Daily Journal
The Daily Planet
The Daily Bugle
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The muscles found in the front of your upper arms are known as what?
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What is the name of the closest star to Earth?
The Sun
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Which chess piece can only move diagonally?
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How many players are on a baseball team?
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Which iconic U.S. singer served in the military?
Michael Jackson
Bruce Springsteen
Elvis Presley
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How would you say its 12:30 am in military time?
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In which animal does the male carry and deliver the baby?
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