Quiz: Only People With 200+ IQ Will Be Able to Use These 18 Words Correctly

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Do you use the right words?

Only those with an IQ score higher than 200 will be able to correctly use these 18 words in a sentence. Take this quiz to see if you can, too!

 Aug 05, 2018
1 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
He listened to the professor's convoluted speech.
The tree was clear and convoluted.
I am direct and convoluted.
2 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
Don't make me choosy where to go.
He’s choosy about where he buys fresh fruit and vegetables.
The dog's coat was soft and choosy.
3 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The teacher was the most dependable on the field trip.
The dependable farm was smaller than most.
Thank you for the dependable.
4 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
It seems that the attack was a random.
My knowledge of Spanish is too random to accept the job offer.
The choice of flowers made perfect sense; it was so random.
5 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
She appeared calm and concerned.
I am concerned about your behavior.
The baby was concerned in April.
6 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
His music is a marriage of jazz and blues.
The attorney accused the witness of marriage toward his client.
We thought we'd try a period of marriage.
7 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
She felt diseased when no one showed up for the party.
The bush looked badly diseased.
The newspapers were in a box, diseased.
8 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The oranges were organic from the heath food store.
He worked at a non-profit organic.
Some organics are made from only one cell.
9 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
I was not willing to go to church.
The employee's willing attitude was rude.
The students are willing for the test.
10 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The charity refused donations from a group they did not agree with.
She refused her boyfriend's proposal and is getting married next year.
After dinner, the host threw out the refused.
11 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The crowd caused too much of a common.
Andy started to get common during the test.
The idea was a pretty common one.
12 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The group stuck by their decision.
His arms looked like bare branches of a decision tree in winter.
The fight caused a massive decision between two parties.
13 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The guess was stunningly accurate.
The ceilings were too low to accurate his great height.
The student showed accurate in his answers.
14 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
The student showed his respect to the teacher.
The siren showed respect throughout the city.
The bad weather has continued without respect.
15 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
She found she was allergic to selfish.
Am I being selfish?
Team core value are respect, leadership, and selfish.
16 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
We must look out for our own welcome.
You are welcome any time.
She was not concerned with the group's welcome.
17 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
Are you awake at how important you are to me?
They weren't awake at that hour.
The same fate awakes us all.
18 of 18Which is the correct sentence?
She was nothing to include in the story.
I didn't include any disrespect.
We'd love to include you in the game.
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Do you have a high IQ? Do you know the rules of grammar and do you think you know all there is to know about using it properly? Are you what some would call a wordsmith? Do people believe you may be a genius? Are you a stickler for proper sentence structure? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then this is the quiz for you.

The internet, texting, and spellcheck have enabled us to get a little lazy with our grammar skills. While helpful and easy, these things have also stopped us from practicing grammar the old school way and we sometimes struggle to remember words that are notoriously difficult. If you still have a great vocabulary in today's technical age, pat yourself on the back—the skill is getting harder and harder to master!

Some of us are still pretty particular about how we speak and write—we view the English language as art and are voracious readers. We think reading is pretty cool and some of us even want to pass that knowledge down to future generations by becoming teachers. If you are either a teacher, someone who just loves words, or have an IQ that's off the charts, you'll have a ball deciding which of these sentences is correct in this fun but challenging quiz.

Do you think you have what it takes? Sit back, relax and flex your mental muscles to see just how well you do! Test yourself to find out if all that reading and English language studying paid off. Good luck!