Quiz: Can You Hit A Home Run On This Ultimate MLB Challenge?

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Baseball fans unite!

How much do you know about baseball? Take this quiz to see how much you know about this all-American sport!

 Aug 13, 2019

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On July 4, 1960, which Hall of Fame Yankee great hit a first inning three-run home run for the 300th home run in his career?
Mickey Mantle
Ted Williams
Joe Dimaggio

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Where is the "keystone sack" located on a baseball diamond?
Second base
First base

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When a fly ball is easy to catch, it is known as a ___.
A hill of beans
A pound of potaoes
A can of corn

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What's the most home runs hit by one player in a single major league game?

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A baseball field is approximately what size?
2 acres
7 acres
10 acres

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Which former Giants star is the godfather of Barry Bonds?
Willie Mays
Monte Irvin
Sparky Anderson

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True or False: Second base is the most stolen base.

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"H" is short for ___.
Home runs

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Who was the baseball player known as Mr. October?
Willie Mays
Hank Aaron
Reggie Jackson

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"Shoeless" Joe Jackson
Lou Gehrig
Frank Baker

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The first ever World Series was won by the ___.
Boston Americans
Pittsburgh Pirates
Philadelphia Athletics

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True or False: During a typical game, only 1 ball is used.

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Which team was the first to wear numbers on their backs in the 1920s?
Brooklyn Dodgers
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees

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Wikimedia Commons/George Grantham Bain - Library of Congress/Public Domain
Babe Ruth
Cy Young
Mickey Mantle

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Who was the first Major League player to pitch a ball over 100 mph?
Dwight Gooden
Tom Seaver
Nolan Ryan

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How long was the shortest game in Major League Baseball history?
1 hour, 36 minutes
51 minutes
2 hours, 10 minutes

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During which inning is "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" traditionally sung?

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True or False: Baseball was played during the civil war as a morale booster.
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We get it—every year, we know you're amped for spring training. We are too! Baseball is in everyone's blood, and real fans know everything there is to know about this all-American sport. Do you know what time it is? It's time to PLAY BALL and test your skills on all things baseball in this fun, but challenging quiz!

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