Quiz: We Challenge You To This Ultimate History Test. Can You Pass?

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Are you a modern historian?

Do you know the fads, fashions, people, and events that shaped the 1990s-2000s? Take this quiz and find out!

 Apr 20, 2019

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The first women to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean was ___.
Bessie Coleman
Amelia Earhart
Patty Wagstaff

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Who led Louis and Clark on their expedition through the Louisiana Territory?
Joseph Brant

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True or False: The stock market crashed in 1929.

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WWI ended on ___.
November 11, 1918
August 23, 1878
July 28, 1914

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Louis Farrakhan led The Million Man March in ___.
Washington, D.C.
Philadelphia, PA
New York, New York

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True or False: Ann Frank was a German-born Jewish diarist.

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The Titanic set sail in ___.

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The first state to ban drivers from using handheld cell phones was...
New York

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Napoleon Bonaparte was banished to the mediterranean island of ___.

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On July 20, 1969, __ landed on the moon.
Neil Armstrong
Eric Boe
John Glen

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What battle took place in 1815 on the 18th of June?
Battle of Vimy Ridge
The Battle of Hastings
Te Battle of Waterloo

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What was the first permanent British colony in the Americas?
New York

13 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Which two issues led to the Civil War?
Transportation and Abolition
Representation and Tariffs
State's rights and abolition

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Which of the following battles took place during the Texas Revolution?
Battle of the Alamo
Siege of Yorktown
Battle of Blackwater Bay

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Which was the last US state to join the country?
New Mexico

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During which war was Pearl Harbor bombed?
Vietnam War

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Besides the United States, who else signed The North American Free Trade Agreement
Canada and Russia
Canada and Mexico
Panama and Mexico

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Who became President after JFK?
Lyndon Johnson
Herbert Hoover
Harry S. Truman

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The Lost City of Atlantis became lost because of ___.
Another city

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What President was known for saying, "The ballot is stronger than the bullet"?
Abraham Lincoln
John Tyler
Woodrow Wilson

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Between 1950-1953, what war took place?
The Korean War
The Spanish-American War
The Civil War

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Which President was NOT carved in Mount Rushmore?
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
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Were you obsessed with chokers in the 90s? What about toe rings? Did you get a bellybutton piercing? Whether you are a baby boomer, a generation Xer, or from another generation entirely, take this quiz to see how much modern history you remember! This stuff is only starting to enter the history books, so it should still be fresh in your mind! Do you remember what you did before the internet was invented? Where were you when the 9/11 attacks happened?

Generations upon generations of people have come and gone and have left their mark on the world. They've won battles and lost battles, survived diseases and wars, and created art and inventions that have molded the world into what we know today. It wasn't always easy, nor was it always certain, but humanity has defied the odds and kept going. History is proof that we're not only still here, but that there is more to come in an ever-evolving future! The people and events on our quiz solidified their place in history in one way or another. How well do you remember the details?

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