Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "The Love Boat"?

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How well do you know all the characters and storylines of the '70s and '80s television classic, "The Love Boat?"

 Jun 26, 2018
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Are you a fan of The Love Boat? Do you know everything there is to know about ships crew, its frequent guests and their stories? If you do, then this quiz is for you!

When The Love Boat debuted over 40-years ago, it was ahead of its time. In the hour it aired the cruise served as a backdrop for several different stories, some of which involved the ship's crew, but most of which concerned guests who were played by the biggest celebrities of their day! Some would find love, others would find a resolution to the specific problems they were facing, but all would come off the boat at the end of the show not only having learned something about themselves but having a great time in the process.

How big of a Love Boat fan were you? Do you remember the little details about what made the show so great? Do you know the names of the crew and what they did on the boat? Do you remember those that boarded, from famous actors to musicians to even the odd pop artist? Do you know who replaced cast members that left and what their roles on the ship were? Can you sing the theme song? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, get your luggage ready and climb aboard this cruise for a little rest, recreation and a quiz at sea with the Love Boat gang. As the song says, "Welcome aboard, it's LOVE!" Good luck!

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