Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Southern Test If You've Got Country In Your DNA

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Are you a little bit country?

How Southern are you? If you're from the deep South or you love Southern culture you'll ace the questions in fun but challenging quiz!

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Do you know what it means when someone has a "burr in his saddle" or is as busy as a "one-legged cat in a sandbox"? Do what beverage southerners refer to as "sweet tea"? Do you know what grits are made from? Do you know where Graceland is and who lived there? Do you know where the major Civil War battles were fought? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this countryfied quiz might be just what the doctor ordered!

The American South is known as a place of kind people with a rich culture and history. To outsiders, folks from the area have some of the most unusual slang terms, food, and landmarks in the country! If you're from the South and your character and voice were created in that part of the world, your charm, how you carry yourself and the adorably funny way you speak will make everyone, everywhere stop and take notice!

Southerners are colorful, warm and mostly easy to understand—that is, if you're from that part of the country, but some things about people from the South confuse everyone else. However, if you're a Southerner by birth or at heart, you'll be able to understand the area's words and culture completely!

So, settle in and take this quiz to see how well you can answer the eighteen questions on South, its language, food, and culture. We know you can ace it, because you're smart as all get out, bless your heart!

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