Quiz: Only A Debutante Would Pass This Southern Etiquette Test. Can You?

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Are you a proper Southerner?

How much do you know about Southern etiquette? Take this quiz to see if you practice proper manners!

 Aug 29, 2020

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What must a man do when a women enters or leaves the room?
Shake her hand

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Once you sit at a table, where should you place your napkin?
On your lap
On your neck
On the table

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True or false: Forks go to the left of the plate.

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Which side of the place setting does the water glass go on?
Left side
Right Side
In the center above the plate

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Food is passed around the table in what direction?
It doesn't matter

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True or false: It is the role of the host to give the first toast.

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What is a cotillion?
An alcoholic beverage
A fancy dress
A "coming of age" ball

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How do you thank someone for a present?
A handwritten note
An email
A phone call

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If you're invited to a party, what should you do?
Show up
Wear something nice

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What should a man do when a lady enters the room?
Maker her a drink
Open a window

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What color shouldn't you wear after Labor Day?

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When eating with a group, what should you do?
Eat your salad first
Wait until everyone gets their food before you start eating
Dig in!

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When should you arrive at an event?
Right on time
A little early
A little late

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If you run into someone you know on the street what should you do?
Ask about their Daddy
Smile and wave
Ask about their Momma

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If you're getting married again a second time, what color should you wear?

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Which word is no request complete without?
Yes sir/ma'am
Thank you

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Where must dirty silverware be placed?
On the table
On the edge of the plate
On a napkin

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If you are invited to a dinner party what should you bring?
A gift or hot dish
Your invite
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The American South is known as a place of kind people with a rich culture and history. To outsiders, folks from the area have some of the most unusual slang terms, food, and landmarks in the country, but are known as some of the most polite people around! If you're from the South and your character and voice were created in that part of the world, your charm, how you carry yourself and the adorably funny way you speak will make everyone, everywhere stop and take notice!

Do you know what to do when you approach people? What happens when a lady enters a room? How a lady should behave? Do you know how to set a proper table and which forks to use in what order? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then this is quiz for you? Show you how much you know about good old-fashioned Southern hospitallity!

Southerners are colorful, warm and mostly easy to understand—that is, if you're from that part of the country, but some things about people from the South confuse everyone else. However, if you're a Southerner by birth or at heart, you'll be able to understand the area's etiquette perfectly!

So, settle in and take this quiz to see how well you can answer the eighteen questions on South, its traditions and culture. We know you can ace it, because you're smart as all get out, bless your heart!