Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember The Movie "Seven"?

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Do you know what's in the box?

If you were a fan of the psychological thriller Se7en, you should be able to answer trivia about this iconic movie!

 Dec 07, 2019

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What does the killer use as inspiration for his crimes?
The Seven Sacraments
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Ten Commandments

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Who played John Doe?
Kevin Spacey
Morgan Freeman
Brad Pitt

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Eli Gould was what kind of lawyer?

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What does John Doe place in the hands of one of the victims?
Rope and phone
Pills and phone
Gun and phone

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"You're no ____________. You're a movie of the week."

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What word was written on the fat man's refrigerator?

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Which atmospheric element sets the tone for the whole movie?
It's always nighttime

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Somerset gives David 11th grade Cliff Notes to what reading material?
The Canterbury Tales
Dante's Inferno

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What is Somerset's first name?

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What does Somerset find hilarious about David and Tracy's apartment?
There's no windows
It shakes because it's under a train line
There's a bathtub in the kitchen

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Eli Gould was instructed to remove a pound of what?

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What do the fingerprints behind the painting in Eli's office say?
Kill me
Help me
Find me

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The real killer pretends to be what at Victor's crime scene?

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In which city is 'Se7en' set?
New York

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Who directed 'Se7en'?
David Fincher
James Cameron
Martin Scorsese

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John Doe kills a woman. How does he disfigure her?
Cuts off her nose
Cuts off her head
Cuts off her lips

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What is in the box?
Tracy's head
Tracy's heart
Tracy's arm

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At the end of the film, Morgan Freeman quotes what writer?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
William Shakespeare
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When "Se7en" came out in 1995, it astounded audiences with its brutal yet compelling look at the mind of a serial killer. A little over twenty years later, it still creeps out plenty of folks to this day with an ending that wasn't necessarily happy and tied up in a pretty bow. As a matter of fact, "Se7en" was DARK and jarring in a way that most movies of its kind are not, even today!

Of course, we won't ruin what happens with spoilers here, but if you've seen "Se7en," you know what happens anyway, and if you know what happens, AND you count "Se7en" among your favorite movies, you'll be able to answer these fun but challenging questions about the film that changed the psychological drama forever! Are you up for the challenge? If you think so, you're invited to join the detectives of "Se7en" to solve this harrowing murder mystery. Your job is to answer the trivia questions about this edge-of-your-seat movie! You don't need to be afraid—we've got your back!

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