Restaurant Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are you restaurant savvy?

How well do you know the inner workings of the food service industry? Find out by answering these question about restaurant lingo!

 Nov 16, 2018
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Sure, you've eaten at a restaurant—pretty much everybody has! But have you ever worked in one? If you have, you may know the lingo of working in the food service industry, and this may be the quiz for you!

Do you know what a blue plate special is? Have you ever ordered something a la carte? Have you ever been invited to eat at the chef's table? Do you know the terms for meats that are well done? Do you know what everyone does in a restaurant from hosts to servers to busboys on down? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, congratulations! Restaurant work is not for the faint of heart. It takes great stamina and focus to work in a restaurant, and running one is a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week job! So do you think you've got what it takes to tackle this quiz? Take a seat, grab a menu and place your order!

By playing a quiz, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you'll work your mind out too! You may even be exposing it to new things and while you probably know all the answers here—we believe you're a trivia wiz, after all—there is a chance you may learn something you didn't know in high school. Everyone can use a little extra knowledge, don't you think? We sure do! We believe in you, and we have no doubt you'll ace these fun but challenging trivia questions! Good luck!

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