Quiz: Can You Identify Every One Of These Religious Paintings?

The Creation of Adam, religious painting
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Can you name these religious works?

How well do you know these famous religious paintings? Name the classic artwork from just one image!

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Art has been a part of every civilization since man was first drawing on cave walls. It reflects the period from which it was created and all and the events that shaped the world during that period—from great battles to inventions and from plagues to religious fervor. Art is a window into history, and artists are telling their version of how things were when they were alive through their timeless creations. Their stories are on canvas, paper, or etched in stone in museums around the world for us and future generations to continue to learn from.

Do you know the great artists of the world and their many works? Do you go to museums every chance you get? Do you know the history of the various movements in art? Do you know art theory and what specific art techniques are? Do you know great religious paintings? Did you study art history in school? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this is the quiz for you. Women.com not only features art quizzes like this one but others that are tailor-made to your other specific interests. So, sit down, relax, put on your thinking cap and use your brushes and canvases to see how well you get through these questions about the great religious art and artists of past civilizations. Good luck!

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