Quiz: React To These Questions & We Can Tell Your Relationship Status

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Has love already said "hello"?

What's your relationship status? We'll be able to tell you when you answer some random questions! Find out now!

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Are you in love? Or do you find relationships to be tricky for you? Do you casually date or are you in a long-standing relationship with a person you consider your soulmate? Or are you happy to be alone? Take this quiz and we'll let you know where we think your love life stands!

Love and relationships can elude the best of us. For some, they manage to go through life partner after partner, never spending any time alone. The way we learn about relationships is through our first examples—our parents. If our parents were openly loving, chances are, we are too. However, if they had their share of issues, some of those may have influenced our relationships.

So, let's find out where you stand. We've presented a series of questions in which we ask about specific situations with a current or potential partner, and from there we can guess where you are in life and where you want to go with this whole relationship business. Are you ready? Let's do this!

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