Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Quiz If You’ve Travelled To London

kate middleton, british

"Keep calm and go to London!"

If you're an Anglophile and have visited this world class city in the United Kingdom we guarantee you'll ace this quiz!

 Sep 29, 2017
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What is the nickname of the London Underground?
The Metro
The Subway
The Tube
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What is London's massive Ferris wheel called?
The London Ear
The London Lip
The London Eye
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Who built the first version of London Bridge?
The Moors
The Romans
The Greeks
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London is made up of the City of London and ___________ boroughs.
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What river runs through London?
The Trent
The Thames
The Hudson
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The __________ statue is located in Kensington Garden.
Winnie The Pooh
Peter Pan
Alice In Wonderland
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__________ is one of London's largest royal parks.
St. James Park
Hyde Park
Green Park
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What city is Parliament and the UK Government’s offices in?
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How many storeys is London's Shard?
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Where can you see a live play or musical in London?
The West End
The North End
The East End
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Big Ben is the nickname for what tower?
St. Pauls Tower
St. Stephens Tower
St. John's Tower
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Who would you find at Rotten Row?
Horse Riders
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Where are British kings and queens crowned?
St. Paul's Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
The Tower of London
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What color are most London cabs?
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What is Harrods?
A restaurant
A book store
A department store
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