Quiz: Think You Know Clueless? Only True Fans Will Get 10/15


As if!

If you think you know the antics of Cher and the gang from Beverly Hills, take this test and show your love for Clueless!

 Nov 05, 2017

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What Ska band played during the party scene?
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Specials
The Untouchables

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How did Cher's mom die?
In a plane crash
In a car accident
During liposuction

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What name does Cher use when she's referring to a beautiful woman?

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What does it mean to "surf the crimson wave"?
To go surfing
To have your period
To get good grades

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Who sang "Kids In America" which opens the movie?
The Muffs
Luscious Jackson
Kim Wilde

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What does it mean to be "buggin'"?
Freaking out

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What kind of car did Cher's daddy buy her?
A Jeep
A Mercedes

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What's a "Baldwin"?
A cute guy
A guy with a large family
A guy with a bad reputation

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What artist does Cher use to describe someone who looks good from a distance but not up close?
Van Gogh
Da Vinci

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What was the name of Cher's love interest?

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Dionne threatens to do what after Murray shaves his head?
Tell everyone at school
Call his mother
Break up with him

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What school does Cher suggest Josh go to?

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"Everywhere in LA takes _____ minutes!"

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What kind of law does Josh want to go into?

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Who is Cher saving herself for, according to Dionne?
Luke Perry
Mario Lopez
Jason Priestley
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