Quiz: These 22 Questions Will Reveal Your Biggest Flaw. Can You Take It?

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Nobody's perfect!

Everybody has at least one flaw. Take this in depth personality test to what your overriding limitation is!

 Mar 18, 2018

1 of 20Pick one!

In any group, you are the _______________.
Groups are not my thing!

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Are you friends with your exes?
No way!
We're still close!
I don't date.
We're civil.

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It's Friday and you just got out of work. What do you feel like doing?
Where's happy hour!
Going home and going to bed—what a long week!
A good book or some Netflix is in your Friday night future.
Staying late—you still have a few things you'd like to wrap up.

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What's your favorite 80s movie?
Wall Street
Pretty In Pink
A Room With A View
St. Elmo's Fire

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Where you bullied in school?
Yes, sometimes.
I didn't engage with too many people in school.
No—but I stood up to plenty of them on the behalf of others.
I admittedly was a bully

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If you could do anything creative, what would it be?
I'm already pretty creative!
Learn an intsrument

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You've just inherited a few thousand dollars. What do you do with it?
Put it in the bank for a rainy day.
Donate it to charity.
Pay off those credit cards.
Hit the mall!

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What kind of pet person are you?
A cat person.
I don't care—they are all great!
A dog person
I am not much for pets.

9 of 20Pick one!

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
Los Angeles

10 of 20Pick one!

Do you have a lot of friends?
I have one best friend.
Tons of great pals!
A few close friends.
I am closer to my family.

11 of 20Pick one!

What are you most insecure about?
Insecure? I am actually pretty great!
My intelligence.
My looks.
How people see me.

12 of 20Pick one!

What are you most afraid of?

13 of 20Pick one!

What social network do you use the most?

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Are you close to your family?
It depends on the family member.
Yes, I love them all!
My friends are my family.
No, we haven't talked in ages.

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It's the end of your first day at your new job—how do you think you did?
No, this is not the job for me.
The company can use my expertise for sure.
I don't know, I just hope they liked me!
I can do this in my sleep!

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When someone is crying, what do you do?
Tell them to snap out of it.
Cry along with them.
Hug them—they've had a rough time.
Hand them a tissue and hope it stops.

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How do you get from place to place?
I take public transport.
I drive.
I have someone drive me.
I love to walk.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
Shop, shop, shop!
Spend time with friends.
Sleep—I never get enough!
Something outdoorsy.

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A new group of people has invited you to an event. What do you do?
Go—as long as you can bring a friend.
Stay home—new people are overrated.
Go—you never know who you'll meet!
Get all the details before you make your decision.

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When someone is in trouble you do what?
Offer your services and wait!
Not my drama!
I'll do anything I can to help. Where do I start?
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