Quiz: Only People Over The Age 65 Will Have Enough Wisdom To Pass This Test

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The devil wears prada via 20th Century Studios/Booksmart Via United Artists

Are you a wise old soul?

Do you have years of knowledge and experience behind you? Take this quiz for a perfect score to show what you know!

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Are you young but knowledgable? Or old and wise? If that's something you regularly brag about, it's time to put your money where you mouth is and prove that you really do have all that wisdom! This challenging 18 question quiz will ask you questions about every day knowledge and general trivia. Only a seasoned citizen could know the answers to all these questions. Or we suppose, a wise old soul. If you think you have what it takes, start this quiz and knock it out of the park. Then you'll know you truly are a wise old soul, no matter what your age really is!

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