Quiz: Only A True Wine-o Can Get 10/15 On This Quiz

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Bottoms up!

Are you a casual drinker or a wine sommelier? Test your skills on all things wine by taking this quiz!

 Oct 06, 2017

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How many styles of wine are there?

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Which of these countries is not known for its wine?

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How many bottles in a case of wine?

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What does "fruit forward" mean?
A style of wine where the fruit flavors are dominant
The wine is expensive
The wine is made with a type of darker grape

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What does it mean when wine tastes oaky?
It's an "okay" wine
It's bitter
It has oak flavors

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What country does Bordeaux wine hail from?

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What color is Chianti?

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What grape is used to make red Burgundy wine?
Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc

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Wine is a mild natural __________.

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What is the "body" of a wine?
The weight and fullness of it in your mouth.
The bottle
The bold color

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Which of these is not part of the grape?
The brush
The foot
The skin

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Rosé wines are what color?

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Who is the Roman god of wine?

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What is corked wine?
Wine that is covered
Wine that has been drunk
Wine that is tainted

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What happens to wine when it comes in contact with the air?
It starts to spoil
It changes color
It heats up
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