Quiz: Only A Master Seamstress Can Name All These Stitches

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Sew, what's new?

If you are a master seamstress or tailor, you'll have no problem identifying these stitch patterns!

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How great of a tailor or seamstress are you? If you consider yourself handy as far as crafting and sewing clothes you'll know which stitches are which in this easy and fun quiz!

Throughout the ages, seamstresses and tailors have been held in high regard and have had prominent places in world history! That historical religious garment you know all about? Yes, someone sewed that. That famous tapestry of a battle from the Middle Ages? Someone sewed that too! That dress that was worn by your favorite celebrity? Yes, you guess it—there's a tailor behind it!

Stitches are mostly done with a sewing machine in the modern age, but those that can also do them by hand are masters at their craft! Each stitch is "tailor" made for a specific purpose—some work better with hems, while others work better with boat sails or embroidery. If you've mastered them all, you'll able to sew, stitch and craft nearly anything. And, if you know your stitches like the back of your hand, you surely able to identify them in this easy, visual quiz!

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