Quiz: Most People Won't Recognize All These Classic Stars. Will You?

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How well do you know these classic icons?

From music to movies, there are classic entertainers who have shaped our culture. Take this quiz and see how well you recognize them!

 Apr 16, 2018

1 of 22Name the star!

Mamie Van Doren
Jayne Mansfield
Marilyn Monroe

2 of 22Name the star!

Marlon Brando
Paul Newman
James Dean

3 of 22Name the star!

John Wayne
Gary Cooper
Clint Eastwood

4 of 22Name the star!

Bob Dylan
Neil Young

5 of 22Name the star!

Charlie Chaplin
Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd

6 of 22Name the star!

Ricky Nelson
Elvis Presley
Jerry Lee Lewis

7 of 22Name the star!

Cary Grant
Jimmy Stewart
Humphrey Bogart

8 of 22Name the star!

Paramount Pictures
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Katherine Hepburn

9 of 22Name the star!

Keith Richards
Elton John
John Lennon

10 of 22Name the star!

Joan Baez
Grace Slick
Janis Joplin

11 of 22Name the star!

Judy Garland
Jane Withers
Shirley Temple

12 of 22Name the star!

Barbara Stanwick
Marilyn Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor

13 of 22Name the star!

Perry Como
Tony Bennett
Frank Sinatra

14 of 22Name the star!

Vivien Leigh
Greta Garbo
Bette Davis

15 of 22Name the star!

Otis Redding
Sly Stone
Jimi Hendrix

16 of 22Name the star!

Henry Fonda
Jimmy Stewart
Cary Grant

17 of 22Name the star!

Audrey Hepburn
Jean Harlow
Katherine Hepburn

18 of 22Name the star!

James Dean
Marlon Brando
Paul Newman

19 of 22Name the star!

Rita Hayworth
Bette Davis
Joan Crawford

20 of 22Name the star!

Kim Novak
Jayne Mansfield
Sophia Loren

21 of 22Name the star!

Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger
Roger Daltrey

22 of 22Name the star!

Gary Cooper
Cary Grant
Clark Gable
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